The Call of Lincoln and King

High School students from all around the Wiregrass present either Lincoln's Gettysburg Address or an edited version of Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech.  Finalist will also present an original speech answering the following question: “If you gave a speech today, what would be the title and what would be your message to society?”


To challenge, encourage and motivate our students to develop a better understanding of history and its application today while providing an avenue to personally excel in competition.


  • To develop in students an appreciation of historical speeches of great significance.

  • To challenge students to develop a better understanding of Lincoln and Kings’ historical speeches and their application today.

  • To encourage, motivate, and reward students for excellence in oration.

  • To provide another event involving wholesome competition among students in non-athletic areas.

  • To demonstrate that truth is not bound by time; that the words shared by Lincoln and King are as relevant today as they were when first spoken.

Freedom Speaks is presented on Martin Luther King Day to recognize and honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King while challenging and encouraging our community to embrace this day as an “American Holiday.”